Monday, June 16, 2008

My first wedding

Mike and Pam Wierenga June 6, 2008

I just finished my first wedding. It was amazing. This wedding gave me many challenges. It was extremely windy all day with huge gusts of wind. It was rainy during the portraits. Everything I could be challenged with I was. I am happy with the results though and more importantly so are Mike and Pam.


steph said...

i love the one with the bride and the treeling behind her, the one with the heart drawn in the sand and the two of them by the fence/barn ... they look great!!

Trisha Libby said...

hey there - these pictures are great! I love them... nice job!

Aunt Sue said...

Fantastic job! I would recommend you to anyone Abby! Love ya!

Amanda Telgenhof (Savage) said...

great job, abby:o) what kind of camera and software are you using? send me a message on myspace or facebook and lemme know; thanks!